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Chairman Message

The success of Al Jazeera Perfumes stems from its deep-rooted understanding of the lifestyle, values and culture of the Middle Eastern people.

Perfumes have been with humankind since the beginning of time. Renowned perfume makers have drawn inspiration from nature and natural fragrances such as Oud and Indian lute, the Cambodian flowers and mixtures, raw and rare amber from the Gulf and Eastern. It is this inspiration that has led to the creation of the best fragrances defining human nature such as Honesty, Loyalty, Beauty, etc. Al Jazeera Perfumes aims to capture the imagination and loyalty of its customers for posterity.

All our perfume selections, the location of our stores, as well as our expansion plans are based on the study of our focus markets and our customer’s preferences.

Al Jazeera Perfumes’ commitment is to provide premium quality perfumes and fragrances from the most prestigious brands globally. Today, Al Jazeera Perfumes commands a significant market presence and mind share among its customers. In the years to come, Al Jazeera Perfumes hopes to grow its presence and expand to newer markets thereby aiming to reach out to more and more customers.


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