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About us

The Essence Of Heritage And Modernity

Since 1998, Al-Jazeera Perfumes has maintained one of the finest and most exclusive libraries of perfume oils in the Middle East the cradle of fragrance and enchanting essences since the early ages, when they were known as "Arabia Felix". Boasting a proud Eastern heritage, Al-Jazeera fragrances are of the utmost purity and represent the desire to restore the former glory of a pioneering past. Specialized in providing our customers with precious fragranced gifts, Al-Jazeera works with the largest and most prestigious manufacturers of perfumery raw materials in France to craft their original perfumes.

In 2002, Al-Jazeera Perfumes inaugurated the first shop for rare fragrances in Doha and achieved immediate unrivaled success, becoming the focal spot for anyone in the Gulf and anywhere in the world to satisfy their special clients’ desire to return to the very essence of fragrance history.

This precious memory is intrinsically linked to rites of beauty, The rites of real beauty relevant to their deep memory is an initiative perfume that end the daily search for the aesthetic values before using a strong and spread perfumes to prevail the essence of all humans. The DNA of Al-Jazeera Perfumes is thus inspired by a palatial architecture, the glorious and enigmatic lives of its denizens.

When Al-Jazeera Perfumes hit the market, news of their exquisite products and quality services spread quickly, with word of mouth playing a vital role in their business expansion. As a result, other branches were developed to meet the needs of the market.

The Majesty Of Perfume

Perfume is a journey. From perfume springs forth the most beautiful and wonderful dreams and inspiration. We offer our customers precious scented gifts for unforgettable special memories. All our perfumes are created by the most renowned French perfumers and are crafted from France's largest and most prestigious manufacturers of perfumery raw materials.

Perfumers include Dominique Ropion, Paul Guerlain and Sophie Labbé or Fanny Ball, who work to create wonderful fragrances that are then packaged in the most exquisite designs, for an exclusive gifting experience.

We make a promise of quality to our clients: providing the most precious treasures all over the world to take our industry position to the next level. The enchantment of a fragrance sparks the desire to live again; a true miracle to elate the senses, evoke feelings, and inspire a sense of spirituality. An invitation to dance.

Towards this end, Al-Jazeera Perfumes has partnered with renowned international fragrance brands to offer its customers the most exquisite and select fragrances, high quality, and upscale lifestyle brands with the finest packaging. This elegant collection personifies the essence of the most precious perfumes as a translation of our great heritage, through personification the valuable pieces crafted and designed by special artists in this industry. To face the challenge of providing the best to our clients as industry leaders, we partner with the most esteemed fragrance professionals in the world of perfumery.

Al-Jazeera Perfumes believes that the outside packaging is just as important as the fragrance within; equal emphasis is given to aesthetics, be it selection of bottles, use of packaging materials, placement and display of the perfume range.

The magnificent grandeur of Al-Jazeera Perfumes expresses all the majesty of its collection of original fragrances.

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